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Empathetic Leadership and Mindfulness

What can they do for you and your organization?

*Create TRUST and PSYCHOLOGICAL SAFETY. *Reduce health care costs, absenteeism, stress, burnout, and overwhelm. *Improve resilience, retention, employee satisfaction, performance, focus, and success. *Develop community, connection, and culture.

Would you like more time for fun, family, and even yourself without costing productivity??

These are your solutions:

  • Self-Awareness

    You must know who you are and understand your emotional processes to be happy, confident, and successful. To be influential you must lead authentically.

  • Empathetic Leadership

    The leadership skill of the future is now the essential skill. This is needed for ALL relationships and for effective communication Those who don't embrace this will be left behind.

  • Well-Being

    Health is wealth and self-care is not selfish. You can learn to take care of your wellbeing without making excuses about time or feeling guilty.

What would your day look like or how would your organization be different if it had these:

  • Improved resilience, retention, employee satisfaction, as well as enhanced focus and performance for better success rates.

  • Reduced healthcare costs, absenteeism, stress, burnout, and overwhelm.

  • Understood how to use the part of your brain to become a visionary leader that makes an impact in the lives of others and the world.

  • Community, connection, and culture.

  • Simple, secular, effective strategies to use right now.

  • Improve confidence and make more conscious decisions for better outcomes in health, relationship, and work.

  • Improve your over all well-being.

We don't care what you call it. We care about results.

Mindfulness based practices develop the most needed leadership skills: self-awareness, intuition, & empathy.

Mindfulness is essentially self-awareness and it means to pay attention on purpose and to do so without passing judgement. There are various simple, science based practices that have proven benefits. Mindfulness trains your brain which leads to powerful insight and to making more conscious decisions. Imagine if you paused before sending that email or if you were confident in your decisions.

Harvard Business Review

on mindfulness for executives.

"Mindfulness should no longer be 'nice to have' for executives. It's a 'must have': a way to keep our brain healthy, to support self-regulation and effective decision making capabilities, to protect ourselves from toxic stress."

How do I know Amy and her team can help me?

Scroll for testimonials.

Missing Pieces and Peace of Mind

Dr. Chad Steskal

When I first started working with Amy I was overwhelmed and frustrated. We had a very productive and successful clinic but something was missing. Even though we were hitting goals, happiness and the ability relax and just be never seemed to be achievable. After working with Amy things started to click! Not only did my goals become easier to achieve but our focus and direction became clear and efficient! I would say we've always had a few pieces to the puzzle that were missing. We didn't even know it! Amy was able to help us organize all the pieces and plug-in the missing ones AND enjoy life and work while doing it! Thanks Amy for the headspace, focus, and results!

Wonderful from the start!

Jessica Cottingham/ The Barnes Group

Our work with Amy has been wonderful from the start. She is very professional, yet easy to talk to and willing to help however possible. We had all 42 of our salon managers in town for a 2 day event and Amy presented her "5 A's to Self-Empowerment" on one of the days. She speaks with confidence and has an ability to relate to everyone. Amy is clearly passionate about her work. It is evident that she stays up to date on all current research regarding her field. Amy's expertise was truly beneficial for our people and helping them become more successful professionally and personally.

Expertise Shines

Dan Lombardo/ Senior Account Executive Lamar Advertising

Amy is a knowledgeable, responsive business woman who is constantly improving her practice and keeping up on timely information relative to her services. Her expertise often shines in her public speaking and training. I give her a strong recommendation to any company interested in the physical/mental health of their employees.

Mindfulness and Stress Management

Tracey Zeorian/ HarvestHer

I was searching online for a speaker in the Omaha area regarding "Mindfulness" for a women's retreat. Immediately, Amy's picture and name popped up. I contacted her and asked if she would be willing to come speak to a group of approximately 20 women. She agreed. I am SO THANKFUL she did! Amy presented mindfulness and how to reduce our stress levels by using simple meditation techniques. This new way of knowing how to stand back, take a breath and take on the stressor will come in so handy with the level of stress harvest and agriculture involves. Amy is an amazing woman! She's caring and easy to have around your group. I would highly recommend her for any sort of audience…large and small! You will not regret getting to know her and what she has to offer.

Passion is

Steve (Stratcom/Offut Air Force Base)

"Amy McCae is a dedicated professional, but she is much more that. She has a great spirit that comes through immediately when you meet her from her tremendous positive energy. I came to her with what seemed like a very difficult problem without a solution. She showed me how to focus on the positive, and not on all the things that take me in a negative direction. I was able to figure out what I really wanted and then a plan to get there. Amy has a wide range of knowledge and experience. She gave me several meditation techniques that have helped me considerably. She is very intuitive and understands what will help me specifically. She personalizes techniques so that they will be the greatest benefit. One of the most important things I appreciate about Amy is that she is genuinely concerned about helping me. Her passion is rare, and I feel lucky to have met her."

With results like this isn't it time for you to begin your training?

There has never been a better time to invest in your well-being or that of your employees.

Amy McCae

Executive Coach. Mindfulness Meditation Teacher. Holistic Wellness Expert.

Amy McCae

Amy helps leaders find more time for fun, family and even themselves. She helps organizations reduce stress and burnout through mindfulness based practices for improved well-being and resilience. Amy spent nearly a decade ill with chronic diseases until she finally found healing through fitness, nutrition, and meditation. She holds over sixteen certifications related to mind body-wellness and focuses on mindfulness and it's correlation to emotional intelligence to help create visionary leaders and a better world for all. You can learn more about Amy on her website or www.linkedin/in/amymccae
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