Become an influential leader, an effective communicator, and still have time for yourself!

Self-Awareness, Empathetic Leadership, and Wellbeing are essential for all personal and professional successes.

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Keep your sanity. Live authentically. Lead Effectively. Improve clarity, confidence, and peace of mind. Be the change regardless of your position.

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  • Increase confidence to make more conscious decisions inline with your values for better outcomes in health, relationships, and business.

  • Reduce stress, burnout and overwhelm.

  • Be part of a community for more diverse support.

  • Improve your over all well-being. True holistic approach!

  • Build TRUST and PSYCHOLOGICAL SAFETY at work and home.

  • Create community, connection, culture AND improve communication in both personal and professional relationships.

  • Improve retention, employee satisfaction, performance, and success. Reduce absenteeism and healthcare costs.

  • Live group coaching each week. Recorded for you to review anytime.

  • Includes worksheets, videos, audios, resources, and access to other online courses.

  • Topics covered include mindfulness, meditation, self-awareness, emotional intelligence, empathy, communication, relationships, leadership, and wellbeing.

Executive Coach. Mindfulness Meditation Teacher. Holistic Wellness Expert.

Amy McCae

Amy helps leaders find more time for fun, family and even themselves. She helps organizations reduce stress and burnout through mindfulness based practices for improved well-being and resilience. Amy spent nearly a decade ill with chronic diseases until she finally found healing through fitness, nutrition, and meditation. She holds over sixteen certifications related to mind body-wellness and focuses on mindfulness and it's correlation to emotional intelligence to help create visionary leaders and a better world for all. You can learn more about Amy on her website or www.linkedin/in/amymccae