What is Mindfulness Matters?

8-week online course including: Introduction to Mindfulness and Meditation, Self-Awareness, Emotional Intelligence, Mindful Communication, Mindful Relationships, Mindful Wellness, Mindful Leadership, & Mindful Daily Living. FREE Evolving Minds Community Membership and optional weekly meditation and training membership or coaching.

  • Videos, Content, Meditation Audios, Worksheets, & Resources Provided Each Week.

  • Simple, secular, effective strategies to use right now.


  • Optional Group and Private Coaching Available

  • Corporate Discounts and Other Training Available.

  • Evolving Minds Community for more support.

  • Enjoy and learn even more with guest speakers.

  • Live weekly meditation and training option with membership.

The real benefit is the gift of being fully present.

Imagine taking the time to listen to your body, to hear your friend, to play with your child, to cooperate with your colleagues, to tune back into life fully.

Mindful or Mind Full?

Which brings you peace of mind?

Mindfulness is about your relationship to the present moment. Mindfulness is not about controlling your thoughts. It is about finding the space of silence that already exists within your mind. Mindfulness is about making friends with yourself.

Why does Mindfulness Matter?

There are over 30 years of research proving 9 aspects of well-being developed through mindfulness based practices leading to many benefits!

  • Reduced stress, anxiety, burnout, and overwhelm.

  • Improved resilience, focus, retention, and employee satisfaction.

  • Increased clarity in who you are, what you need, and what to do about it.

  • Improved communication, performance, and success rates.

  • Enhanced creativity and intuition for more visionary thinking and leadership.

  • Improved confidence for better outcomes in health, relationships, and success.

  • Peace of mind in chaos.

  • Cultivate empathy and compassion.

Don't you think you are worth investing in?

Self-care and self-awareness are needed now more than ever!

2020 has been one heck of a year!

Start out 2021 with a new mindset!

Now is the time to invest in you! Start the new year out by taking care of yourself, understanding your needs, being fully present, and finding peace of mind.

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